The History 

Ashton Glen Farm was first settled in 1818 by Duncan McDiarmid, who led a group of settlers from Perthshire Scotland across the Atlantic Ocean, down the St Lawrence and up the Ottawa to the Chaudiere Falls. From there they traveled on foot and set up camp “at a spring in a maple woods” 200 yards from where our farmhouse now is. The recorded names of the landowners of the N.E. Lot 22 Conc 5 are:  

 May 18 1824 – Crown to Duncan McDiarmid 
Apr 29 1836 – Duncan McDiarmid to John McDiarmid - Duncan's son
May 08 1861 – John McDiarmid to Alexander Ferguson - John's brother in law
Jun 03 1871 – A Ferguson to James Box (50 acres) - J Box was Sandy's son in law 
Jun 03 1871 – A Ferguson to Robert Ferguson (50 acres) - he sold the other half to his son Robert 
Jun 10 1878 – Robert Ferguson to James Box (50 acres) - J Box took over the whole farm
Jan 12 1883 – J Box to John Mains 

The Mains family lived on the farm and worked the land for the next 100 years. In 1992 Raymond Mains sold the farm to John Woodrooffe who then sold the farm to us in 2003. Howard Mains still owns 100 acres next door and produces maple syrup each spring. The 100 next door to that is owned by Robert and Nicola Mains who raise a few sheep and sell eggs from their front door. The names of McDiarmid and Ferguson can still be seen on mailboxes in the area.